You don’t have to travel to Louisiana to enjoy an authentic crab boil for your New Year’s Eve snacks. You might not have to travel any further than your kitchen. Embrace the Cajun flavors and step outside your comfort zone this season. Also, props to this sound for being #onbrand.

Bacon Jalapeño Cheese Balls

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Do you ever read an appetizer’s name and love every single word? Bacon? Check. Jalapeños? Double-check. Cheese balls? An infinite number of checks. We’re starting to think cheese …….

We ended 2020 wanting Covid to just be over and betting on plant-based chicken. Now, with so much plant-based chicken everywhere, we finish up 2021 still wanting Covid to be over – and a whole new set of exciting plant-based food options on the horizon. Here are our Top 10 Food Trend Predictions for 2022.

Note to the plant-based consumer hoping to eat healthier in 2022: Not all plant-based or vegan options coming your way are equally healthy. As always, you can be healthiest by making your own cashew cheese at home or creating a delicious burger from mushro…….

It’s common knowledge that meat has an outsized impact on the environment, but a new study finds that the consequences are even more dire than previously thought. The study, published by Nature Research in 2021, determined that meat is responsible for nearly 60% of all food-production-related greenhouse gas emissions, which is 2x more than plant-based foods. In terms of total global emissions, 14% come from livestock alone, and beef is the main culprit. To put it into perspective, 2.5kg of greenhouse gases are emitted to produce 1kg of wheat, while 70kg are emitted to produce a single kil…….

An Israeli fast food restaurant is serving up a veggie steak made and cooked by a robot that tailors ingredients and cooking time to customer tastes. “It’s the first time that a machine is making a personalised hamburger by itself,” said Racheli Vizman, CEO of SavorEat, an Israeli start-up that specialises in meat alternatives. Customers can use an app to choose the amount of vegetable protein or fat in their “steak”, as well as its size and how they want it cooked, she said. The “robot chef”, which is the size of a large oven, can make three different st…….

The Delhi High Court recently directed that all food businesses must explicitly specify every ingredient that goes into the food, to ensure that vegetarian dishes are indeed vegetarian. It emphasises that the consumers have the right to know if the ingredients originate from plants or animals, or if they are laboratory manufactured, irrespective of the quantity that goes into the final product. This essentially means that even a speck of animal product would need the label to be brown to indicate its non-vegetarian origins. Does this mean that today’s green label is …….

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