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December 17, 2021 by No Comments

Featured photo: Taylor Dankovich and Kyle Grimsley started Claude’s Vegan Castle to offer home-cooked options for vegans in Greensboro. (courtesy photo)

Making food for others is Taylor Dankovich’s love language.

It all started when Dankovich started cooking meals for her father, a hedge fund manager who decided to become vegan.

“He’s a very busy person and I wanted to help out to make sure that he had good meals to eat,” Dankovich explains. “There’s this kind of perception with vegan food that it’s too complicated or that it’s just tofu or potatoes or something like that. But there’s so much that can be done on the vegan spectrum of food.”

The full-time personal chef and her partner, Kyle Grimsley, are now the co-owners of Claude’s Vegan Castle, a new plant-based food business in Greensboro.

While Dankovich has been creating 14 meals a week for her father for the past several months, Grimsley brings his history of foodservice to the business. After moving to Greensboro from south Florida in 2016 he began working at Scrambled, where he managed the kitchen for a few years in between working at the Iron Hen, the now-closed Traveled Farmer and M’Coul’s Public House. When the pandemic hit and the hours became unsustainable, Grimsley took a full-time job working from home, giving him and Dankovich the flexibility to start their own business. Now the two are making a name for themselves as one of the few plant-based food businesses in the Triad.

Claude’s Vegan Castle sells their products at the Corner Farmer’s Market in Greensboro every Saturday. For the next two weekends, they will be taking pick-up orders for the holidays. (courtesy photo)

It’s a well-known fact that despite being the third-largest city in the state, Greensboro is lacking when it comes to vegan options. Boba House on Tate Street was one of the only vegetarian spots in town for years until places like Mike’s Vegan Cookout and Dragon City in High Point opened. And even when looking at the Triad as a whole, it wasn’t until recently when Dom’s opened in Winston-Salem that a fully vegan restaurant materialized. And that’s a huge reason why Dankovich and Grimsley started their food stall, which has been a part of the Saturday Corner Farmer’s Market since early October.

“There’s really not a lot of places in Greensboro,” Dankovich says. “So, we thought, Why don’t we do something that’s good for us as a couple to do together and good for …….



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