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I have been really trying to eat somewhat clean but it is so hard when you don’t know what local sources are out there.

Luckily, Instagram listens to my conversations and showed me @Domsvegan.ep Instagram account.

As I scrolled through the account’s feed, I was introduced to a vegan community I have been missing out on. From events to take out orders, I need to learn when I can start jumping on the vegan bandwagon.

One of their latest posts focuses on vegan Chico’s Tacos. Chico’s Tacos is a local restaurant that I have been craving during my pregnancy and this version looks so good.

Within the post, Dom claims to be able to make anything you eat vegan.

Not going to lie, I have slipped up and have gone through a few fast-food restaurants throughout my pregnancy when I said I wouldn’t. I know many people break their diets with those fast food cravings, so of course, Dom has a recipe for that Taco Bell favorite but vegan.

One of my favorite meals is Chile Rellenos and of course, Dom has a recipe for that and you can watch it below:

Even old-school favorites like weenie and mac & cheese can be made vegan and I am already drooling.

Some people really hate the idea of eating vegan but I love to not tell people a certain food is vegan until they have tried it. About 90% of the time, people are surprised to find out one of their favorite foods can taste like heaven and be vegan.

El Paso does have a large vegan community and I only know this thanks to Monika, who loves to highlight local vegan shops. She even knows when food trucks will pop on through. Even our partner station DJs love some vegan cuisine, and have made a list of some vegan eats.

I am hoping to start a new vegan lifestyle soon and I feel like it could be easy thanks to these recipes from Dom.

I know the food gods brought Dom to me because I have been craving hot dogs for eight months now, but wanted an alternative to an original Juarez dog. Dom is opening up a hot dog stand very soon and I will be there to have my mind blown by the Dom Dog creation.

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