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December 17, 2022 by No Comments

Food writer Heather Thomas tells Prudence Wade how to nail plant-based festive dishes this year.


‘Nut roast’ are two words that will strike fear into any vegetarian’s heart.

Many of us are trying to add more veg into our diet – for the planet and our health – but festive food seems to be one area where vegetarian and vegan food hasn’t come very far.

It tends to be a time of excess (and that often means a whole lot of meat), leaving veggie dishes to be a bit lacklustre and dry.

That’s why Heather Thomas has written The Veggie Christmas Cookbook, saying: “There aren’t a lot of books out there dedicated to Christmas for vegetarians, and I think vegetarian people ask: ‘What can we cook, what can we do that’s special? How do we get away from a nut roast, all that traditional brown and beige food people used to eat?'”

Thomas’ recipes are colourful and vibrant – suitable for veggies, vegans and meat-eaters alike. These are her top tips for making the best vegetarian festive food this Christmas…

Be as prepared as possible

Particularly if you’re catering to a lot of different dietary requirements, a bit of planning will go a long way.

“Plan and prep, if you’re organised enough to do that in advance,” advises Thomas, who is in her 50s. “It means it’s much better when the time comes, because you’ve always got something in the freezer if guests turn up unexpectedly.

“You can do party foods in advance, you can even make stuffings or gravy – veggie versions – and just freeze them until you need them.

“Then you can enjoy Christmas – you can have a few drinks and sit down and have some fun, without having to slave over a hot stove all the time.”

Try some new recipes

Thomas urges us to “get away from the traditional way of doing things” – and that could mean trying new recipes with a classic ingredient.

“Sprouts aren’t boring,” she says, particularly recommending them in a festive salad or coleslaw.

“If you’ve got the green of the Brussels sprouts and you’ve got some lovely red cabbage shredded up and you do a citrusy dressing – a fresh one or a mayo one – you’ve got something which is totally different. It’s really fresh and zingy, when perhaps you’re having a lot of heavy food and sweet stuff.”

Stock up on filo pastry

This is Thomas’ secret weapon for vegetarian cooking. “You can make wonderful things …….



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