The 10 Most Popular Vegetarian Recipes of 2021 | Bon Appétit – Bon Appetit

December 19, 2021 by No Comments

While we may still be in denial that 2022 is right around the corner, there’s no denying that we took the timeless, age-old advice of “eat your veggies” very seriously last year. From speedy stir-fries to multipurpose vegan curry bases and sauces, these 10 recipes were the most loved vegetarian (and sometimes vegan!) recipes of 2021. When it came to ingredients, tofu, mushrooms, and cauliflower were the stars of the show—as were some crowd-pleasing favorites (looking at you, potatoes). 

Use the list below—which counts down from No. 10 to No. 1— to revisit old favorites and add new recipes to your rotation for the months to come. It might be a new year but vegetables aren’t going out of style.



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