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December 19, 2021 by No Comments

Whether driven by environmental concerns or health reasons, plant-based food has been propelled into the international spotlight. People all over the world have leaned towards vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian diets as plant-based foods prove to be an attractive nutritional source while promoting new sustainable standards.

More consumers want plant-based products, but they needs to be accessible, or in other words, fast and cheap. For non-vegan customers, it can be difficult to jump into a plant-forward diet, met with concerns regarding price, protein, and availability. Fast-food giants have taken note over the last year, developing several plant-based variations or brand new vegan dishes to accommodate the growing plant-based demand.

With rapidly rising popularity, plant-based or plant-based options have started appearing at more retailers and on more restaurants menus. Plant-based meat is appearing on the menu 1,320 percent more than before the pandemic, according to a report from AI Platform Tastewise. The report explained that 9.2 percent of restaurants in the US incorporate vegan meat into their menu. Now, fast-food innovation is bringing plant-based alternatives directly to consumers.

Across the entire plant-based sector, fast food giants such as McDonald’s and Burger King have paved the way for accessible plant-based eating. Although not the healthiest options, the fast-food establishment provides options for plant-based consumers. By developing healthier and more sustainable alternatives, the fast-food market is providing an entryway to millions of non-vegans who feel intimidated by the plant-based diet.

Americans have decided that even if they cannot completely eliminate animal products from their diets, then they will attempt to reduce meat and dairy consumption as much as possible. A Nielson report shows that 39 percent of Americans claim that they try to purchase alternatives to meat and dairy products whenever possible, aiming to adopt a fully plant-based diet. While only approximately 6 percent of Americans are currently fully vegan, fast food companies have developed new and enticing plant-based options that have changed the industry.

1. McDonald’s McPlant

McDonald’s finally unveiled its long-awaited plant-based burger following years of anticipation. Earlier this year, the fast-food giant announced a partnership with Beyond Meat, teasing the new plant-based future for the company. Now, the restaurant corporation is working to bring McPlant burgers to customers worldwide. The company initially released the McPlant burger in Europe, but recently, the company entered the United States market.

The fast-food chain claimed that it would be doubling down on its sustainability goals earlier this year when it promised to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. The company declared that its sustainability measures would be enacted with a plant-based angle. The McPlant is McDonald’s biggest leap into the world of plant-based protein. The company launched the US …….



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